Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket (Red Sumac)


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Strong & sturdy handle — for easy lift.

  • Leash clip-in point under the handle.
  • Reflective trim to increase visibility.
  • Adjustable neck closure for a more tailored fit.
  • PVC-free Gaia foam for comfortable & soft fit.
  • Easy to clip buckles.
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Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jackets are made perfect for dogs that enjoy outdoor adventures like kayaking, boating, surfing and more! — helps ensure their safety!

Made with a soft, durable & flexible PVC-free gaia foam, Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jacket is able to provide the buoyancy and comfort your dogs will love when wearing it.

Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jackets are designed to have strong & sturdy handles, positioned at a relatively low angle to assist lifting your dogs out of the water.

To ensure that your dogs are provided with the best when wearing Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jacket, it has an adjustable neck closure for a more tailored fit at the neck.

Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jacket is also equipped with a leash clip-on point (located under the handle) — this multifunctional feature will allow you to leash your dogs in waters.

With easy to clip buckles on Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jacket, it is sheltered to keep it in place; water compatible webbings are also used to keep it stable in wet condition.

Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jackets have foam panels that are strategically placed inside the life jacket to support your dog’s natural swimming positions.

Coming in 6 different sizes, Ruffwear Float Coat Life Dog Jacket is also available in 3 different colours — Wave Orange, Red Sumac & Blue Dusk.

Suitable For

Product Dimension

Size Length (A) Neck (B)
XXS 7.25 inch (18.5 cm) 10.5 to 12.75 inch (27 to 32.5 cm)
XS 10.25 inch (26 cm) 12.25 to 16.25 inch (31 to 41 cm)
S 11.75 inch (30 cm)
15 to 19.75 inch (38 to 50 cm)
M 15 inch (38 cm)
17.75 to 23.35 inch (45 to 59 cm)
L 16.25 inch (41.5 cm) 20.75 to 26.75 inch (53 to 68 cm)
XL 19.25 inch (49 cm) 22.75 to 29.5 inch (58 to 75 cm)


Girth Size
13 to 17 inch (33 to 43 cm) XXS
17 to 22 inch (43 to 56 cm) XS
22 to 27 inch (56 to 69 cm) S
27 to 32 inch (69 to 81 cm)
32 to 36 inch (81 to 91 cm) L
36 to 42 inch (91 to 107 cm) XL

Product Material
Shell: 800 denier ballistic polyester.
Foam: Gaia foam and CLPE foam.
Webbing: Polypropylene "nylike" webbing.
Buckles: ITW Nexus Airloc side-release buckles.
Other hardware: Plastic D-ring and Duraflex duckbill tension lock.
Reflective: Reflective screenprint.

Country Of Origin
Made in Vietnam.

Direction For Care
Secure fasteners, wash in cold water, gentle cycle on washing machine, mild detergent, air dry, do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

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