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Freeze dried raw dog food.

Consists of 95% meat, organs and bones.

Made with free-range New Zealand grass-fed lamb and all-natural ingredients.

Made in New Zealand.

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Raw Rawr Lamb Freeze Dried Balanced Diet Dog Food is a complete and balanced meal for your dog with freeze dried raw meat, fruits and vegetables.

Consisting of 95% meat, organs and bones, Raw Rawr Lamb Freeze Dried Balanced Diet Dog Food contains high quality protein from free-range New Zealand grass-fed lamb.

Proudly made in New Zealand, Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Balanced Diet Dog Food is made without any meat meals or by-products, grains, or artificial additives.

Just add water to Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Balanced Diet Dog Food and serve up a nutrient dense meal to your dog!

100g & 400g:
Lamb Meat, Lamb Green Tripe, Lamb Heart, Lamb Offal, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Bone, Broccoli, Red & Green Cabbage, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, Red and Green Apples.

100% from New Zealand.

Nutritional Analysis
100g & 400g:
Protein – 60%.
Fat – 24%.
Fiber – 1%.
Moisture – 4%.

Calorie Content
100g & 400g:
4861 Kcal/kg.

Suitable For
100g & 400g:
Cats & dogs of all life stages.

Feeding Instructions
Mix with room temperature water and feed. A good indication on whether you are feeding the right amount of food would be to feel your pet’s ribs. It should have a slight ‘padding’ to it. If you can’t feel its ribs, reduce food amount and vice versa.

For puppies and pregnant & nursing mothers, feed up to 2 – 3 times the above adult amount.

Size of Pet Food (g) Water (ml)
X-Small (2.5 – 5kg) 20g – 40g 60ml to 120ml
Small (5 – 10kg) 40g – 75g 120ml to 240ml
Medium (11 – 25kg) 85g – 190g 240ml to 360ml
Large (> 25kg) 200g 600ml

    Country Of Origin
    Made in New Zealand.

    Product Weight
    100g, 400g.

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