Petz Route Tuna & Bonito Crab Kitten Pouch Cat Food 50g


Price listed is for a 1 box of 12 x 60g

Helps promote growth of your cat

Protects the retina of your cat

Helps clean oral cavities

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Petz Route Pouch Cat Food contains a mix of meats & seafood to provide the best quality of protein, keeping your cat's intestinal health in tiptop condition!

Select fresh Pacific tuna is stewed into a delicious soup with nutritious meats (Bonito, Chicken Breast, Crab Stick) and is easy for kittens to eat and absorb its nutrients.

Petz Route Tuna & Bonito Crab Kitten Pouch Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutrition requirements of a kitten and can be served as the main meal.

It also replenishes Taurine, which cats cannot produce naturally. Green Tea powder is also added to improve bad breath.

Petz Route Kitten pouch cat food also has added galacto oligosaccharide to help improve your kitten's digestive system, promote absorption of calcium, and protect the intestine.

  • Promote Growth: Fresh tuna, bonito and chicken breast provide high quality protein, which can improve metabolism and promote growth.
  • Protect Retina: Cats can’t compound taurine by themselves, taurine has especially active effect to photoreceptors of the cats’ retina and we especially add it.
  • Clean Oral Cavity: Add tea polyphenol which can get rid of bad breath, prevent tartar buildup, dental calculus and periodontitis.

    Tuna, Bonito, Chicken Chest, Crab, Gelling Agent, Green Tea Powder, Vitamins E, Galacto oligosaccharide, Chitosan, Scallop Extract, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Nitrite, Minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus)

    Nutritional Analysis
    Crude Protein, Min 10.0%
    Crude Protein, Min 0%
    Crude Fibre, Max 0.3%
    Crude Ash, Max 5%
    Moisture, Max 89.0%

    Suitable For

    Feeding Instructions
    Feed one pouch per meal

    Product Weight
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