Petz Route Hoodie Raccoon Chewing Toy

By Petz Route


  • Measures approx. W98 × H115 × D75 mm
  • Soft raccoon toy in a removable chewy hoodie
  • Squeaking whistle in raccoon's mouth when bit or chewed
  • Jingling bell inside raccoon's tummy when tossed or shaken
  • Durable chewy hoodie
  • Suitable for small dogs
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A raccoon in a hoodie?!

Nope, it's only the Petz Route Hoodie Raccoon Chewing Toy.

This toy features a cute and soft raccoon plush toy in a removable, chewable hoodie.

The removable hoodie is made with TPR Resin, which makes it chewy and more durable.

The raccoon plush toy has a whistle inside its mouth, which makes it squeak when bit or chewed.

In the tummy of the raccoon, there is a bell inside that jingles when shaken or tossed.

This cute chewing toy will engage your dog for hours, allowing him to chew and bite out the raccoon from the hoodie.

He will also be biting and tossing the toy just to hear the squeaking and jingling.

The Petz Route Hoodie Raccoon Chewing Toy can be played with or without the hoodie.

Product Dimensions: approx. W98 × H115 × D75 mm

Product Materials: TPR Resin (hoodie), Polyester (raccoon), Polypropylene (bell), Polyethylene (whistle)

*This toy has a chewable hoodie, but do not allow your dog to swallow it. Supervision is encouraged during playtime.

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