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Smart ball launcher with treat dispenser.

Keeps dog occupied at home alone.

Promotes exercise, play and treat-rewarding.

Automatic or manual mode with adjustable launch height.

Launch distances of 3m, 6m & 8m.

Wide ball catchment able to hold multiple balls.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

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SmartPult is the world's first SMART ball launcher that dispenses treats. 

It challenges your dog to an exciting game of fetch, keeping it active and fit and also stimulating its mind.

The SmartPult app enables automatic ball launching and dispensing of treats to keep your dog occupied when you’re away.

You can even play with your dog remotely by adjusting the launch height via the app and deciding when you want to reward your dog with a treat.

The SmartPult has launch distances of 3m, 6m & 8m.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, SmartPult also has a wide ball catchment to hold multiple balls.

Product Specifications
  • Launch distances of 3m, 6m & 8m
  • Comes with SmartPult App (only available on the Apple App Store)
  • Automatic and manual (app-control) mode
  • No internet connection needed for connecting to SmartPult
  • Operated by 6 x C cell batteries