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Turn mealtime into playtime! Helps fight obesity and maintain optimum weight

Distributes an adjustable amount of food as your cat plays

Improved digestion by giving smaller portion sizes

Convenient adjustable openings to suit different kibble sizes and allow you to control how quickly your cat gets her food

Unique egg shape making it roll unpredictably and wobbles

Can be used for fun with treats or as a daily feeder

Holds up to 1/2 cup and compatible with most dry cat foods
The PetSafe Egg-Cersizer lets your cat play away the pounds while working for his dinner or treats.

Egg-Cersizer is an interactive feeding/treat ball that randomly dispenses treats & dry food. At the same time, it helps to increase your feline activity, decreases excessive eating and improves behavioural problems such as excessive meowing, scratching or aggression.

The Egg-Cersizer is adjustable to suit your cat's level of play, enabling you to increase the challenge over time. Open 1, 2 or 3 holes to customize to your cat's needs.
Watch your cat's natural instincts come alive as the unique egg shape makes it roll unpredictably for more fun and randomly dispense treats and kibble.
Comes with aTreat MeterTM located on the bottom which is designed to keep kibble in, while allowing your kitty to see, smell, and hear the food moving.

Measures 4" (height) x 3" (depth) . Can holds up to 1/2 cup of dry cat food or treats. Egg-Cersizer can be used by all cats, especially overweight cats.

Start with an easy setting, allowing treats to come out quickly, so your cat associates the toy with a food reward. Once your cat gets the hang of it, you can increase the level of difficulty by making the openings smaller. It will take your cat longer to get the reward, thus encouraging longer play time. This appeals to your cat's prey drive; your cat will feel like she's catching and eating her prey every time she plays.

Give cats the hunting experience they crave with PetSafe Egg-Cersizer today!

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$2 OFF: PetSafe Egg-Cersizer Treat Ball Interactive Cat Toy

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