Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain


Free-falling water stream with adjustable flow entices pets to drink more

Spout and receiving ramp reduce splash and noise

Pre-filter catches large particles before they reach the motor

Snap-on lid prevents accidental removal

Rubber feet prevent sliding

Submersible pump for nearly silent operation

Low voltage, 12V system complete with cord tuck and inline disconnect for easy plug removal

Recommended for cats and dogs of any size

Can contain 5litres of water

All parts are made of BPA-free plastic

For indoor use only
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In nature, animals are instinctively attracted to moving water because they associate it with clean water. Drinkwell® Pet Fountains filter and aerate continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. In addition, the constant circulation inhibits bacteria growth, keeping the fountain cleaner.

The activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors from the water and the pre-filter captures debris. Pet fountains encourage pets to drink more and get the proper hydration essential to their health.

Adequate water intake is very important for your pet’s overall health. Did you know your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day? 80% of your pet's body is made of water, while humans are only made up of 60% water. Keeping your pet hydrated helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases and other health issues.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain gives your pet 168 ounces of fresh, filtered water. The free-falling stream of water entices your pet to drink more. the activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best way to stay hydrated.

The built-in reservoir increases capacity and makes refills easy. The snap-on reservoir lid and rubber feet on the bottom of the fountain prevent sliding and tipping.

The Drinkwell Fountain has a 1 year warranty for the pump and adaptor. This warranty does not cover product maintenance, wear and tear.

The activated carbon filter replacements are available here.

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