PETKIT Fresh Nano Adjustable Metal Dual Cat Bowl



Can be adjusted to 0º or 15º angle.

  • Raised height for comfort.
  • Caters to all cat face shapes.
  • 304 stainless steel bowls.
  • Fuss-free to wash & sterilize.
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PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowl is designed to make eating a more pleasant experience for your cat by providing two ideal position options: a 0º or 15º tilt angle.

Together with a raised bowl height, PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowl helps to improve your cat’s eating posture and her overall health, while making eating easier & more comfortable.

PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowls are constructed to fit all face shapes, such that even flat-faced cat breeds like Persians & British Shorthairs can enjoy their meals with ease.

These durable 304 stainless steel bowls make cleaning up an easier & fuss-free process — Simply rinse your PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowl or place it in the dishwasher!

PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowl will be an useful and convenient ware to have in the house with its sleek surface design and functions.

PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Dual Bowl is not only useful and convenient for your cat, it is also a stylish and sleek, yet functional addition to your home!

Suitable for
Cats of all breeds.

Product material
304 Stainless Steel.

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