PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy



Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016 & iF Design Award 2018

  • Suitable for cats of all breeds
  • Multifunctional cat scratcher and a resting area
  • Made with solid and durable corrugated board
  • Scratch-resistant circular track
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PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy is the ideal multi-functional cat scratcher that you have to get for your feline.

PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy not only offers your cat endless fun, it also acts as a bed and a place to rest when your feline gets tired.

The PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy’s features include:

  • Endless fun and entertainment: PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy is not only a scratcher but it also comes with a circular track that allows your cat to chase the MEOW Planet (balls).

  • MEOW Planet Ball Cat Toys: PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy comes with 2 MEOW Planet Ball Cat Toys to be used with the circular track. The orange ball has a little bell inside, while the green ball has catnip inside to entice your cat into play.

  • Easy disassembling and assembling: PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy is designed for quick and easy disassembling whenever there is a need to clean the scratcher.

  • Resting place: PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy can also be a resting area for your cat especially after a good time of playing.

  • Large area: PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy provides a big scratching area and a large enough space for resting whenever your cat is tired.

  • One size fits all: With considerations that cats have different paw sizes, the hollow-carved design of the circular track allows your cat to interact with the MEOW Planet without worrying that its paws will get stuck.

  • Durable: The cat scratcher is made of solid and durable corrugated board, while the circular track is designed to withstand cat scratches.

    Suitable for
    Cats of all breeds

    Product Dimensions
    44 (diameter) x 7.1 (thickness) cm
    Scratcher: 33cm (diameter)
    MEOW Planet: 4.4cm (diameter)

    Product Material
    Scratcher: Corrugated board
    Circular track: Polystyrene (PS) Plastic
    MEOW Planet (balls): ABS Plastic
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