Pet Widget Badge Collar Tag (Marble)


QR Code & NFC Enabled Tag That Helps Find Lost Pets Pet Data

Stored in Cloud 24/7 Access

No Subscription Fees

Scanned Location Log Available In Seven Designs
One-third of pets will get lost in their lifetime, and 90% of all lost pets never return home without ID. Every pet deserves an identity.

badge is a NFC & QR code enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to pet profiles created in the Pet Widget app. badge and its features were designed and developed to help lost pets reunite with their families.

If a pet with a badge is ever lost, the person who finds the lost pet only requires a smartphone to scan the unique QR code, or tap the NFC tag to access the relevant information to help the pet find home. They can call the pet owner instantly! There is also a scanned location log to help owners narrow down the search for their lost pet.

Pets’ data are securely stored in the cloud, there are no subscription fees, pets’ information can be accessed 24/7, owners can offer rewards, and are in full control of the information presented in their pets’ online profile with the free Pet Widget app.

Each badge is unique, and once a link with a pet profile is established, the owner can configure the pet's online identification details using the Pet Widget app.

Product Dimension
Diameter - 23mm

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