15% OFF: OurPet's Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Toy for Dogs & Cats




  • Treat-dispensing ball with Adjustable learning levels
  • Promotes physical and mental alertness
  • Easily refillable with your pet's favourite treats
  • Extremely durable and non-toxic
  • Available in 2 sizes:
  • 3 inch diameter, ideal for small sized dogs and cats
  • 4 inch diameter, ideal for medium to large sized dogs
  • Available in orange or blue. Colour will be randomly selected depending on availability
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For a challenge that’s filled with tasty fun, try OurPet's Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball.
This amazing treat ball allows your pet to work for his food and gain healthy mental and physical stimulation.
Easy to include in your pet's routine activities, this treat ball is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Simply fill the treat ball with your pet's favourite treats or kibbles, set the difficulty level and put it on the floor.
Your pet will roll the ball across the floor, trying to release the food inside, thus exercising and learning at the same time.

The adjustable difficulty level lets you work your pet's game intelligently, increasing the amount of problem solving he has to do to retrieve the treats as he learns along the way.
The tough quest for kibbles in the ball while playing with it aids in your pet's health as he walks along and prance on the treat ball.
This treat ball is easy to refill and clean and is made with non-toxic material, proven to be durable.

OurPet's Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball comes in random blue or orange colour and is available in 3 inch (diameter) size, suitable for cats and small breed dogs and 4 inch (diameter) size for medium and large breed dogs.
*The treat ball should be larger than the width of your pet's mouth. Supervision is encouraged to ensure safe play.

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