OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) 2019 Calendar


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OSCAS 2019 Calendar Featuring OSCAS dogs!

Beautiful photographs with meaningful quotes that will make any dog lover smile.

Ideal gifts for your family, friends and co-workers.

100% Sales Proceeds Go To OSCAS.

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OSCAS 2019 Calendar - Be The Change 

OSCAS 2019 Calendar presents the theme of 'Be The Change'. We hope to show people on the way they can help dogs with the bright and colourful designs, just like our rescued dogs' character and attitude! 

Our dogs inspire us every day with their unique personalities and journeys, and through this calendar we hope they inspire you too!

All sales proceeds from this calendar goes to OSCAS. They will be used to continue to care for the dogs until they reach their destination to find a home.

A little bit about OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter)...

OSCAS is a non-profit charity and dog shelter in Pasir Ris that was founded in 2006 by Mary and Anita. They have been feeding and caring for our strays since 2004, and started the OSCAS shelter when the authorities had to clear the forested Changi area.

Mary and Anita had to move the dogs from the Changi forested area to a safe place they can call home, and thus, OSCAS was born! More than 110 Singapore Specials are now housed in this shelter, sustained only with the help from kind-hearted volunteers and generous donations or sponsorships.

You can visit our Kohepets Cares page to learn more about OSCAS and how you can help them!

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OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) 2019 Calendar

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OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) 2019 Calendar

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