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Opie & Dixie Organic Puppy Shampoo 8oz


Specially formulated for puppies

Safe and gentle on puppy's skin and coat

Deeply nourishes and moisturises

Leaves an aromatic scent and glossy coat

Made in Canada
A puppy's coat requires delicate care and not all shampoos can give puppies that gentle treatment.

Opie & Dixie Puppy Shampoo is specially formulated just for puppies, taking into consideration their sensitive coat and hair development.

This puppy shampoo provides the perfect mix of gentle ingredients and delicate scent.

It is gentle and safe on puppy and it deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin and coat.

This shampoo leaves your pup with a glossy, clean coat that has lots of volume and aromatic scent.

Purified Glacier Water, Herbal Blend of *Lavender, *Chamomile, *Rosehip, *Calendula Flowers, *Burdock, *Safflower Oil, *Grapeskin Extract, *Rosemary, Certified Biodynamic Avocado Oil, Certified Biodynamic Macadamia Oil, *Lotus Bean, Australian Bush Kakadu Plum Extract; Decyl Glucose, Coco Polyglucose [natural potato and coconut oil-based surfactant], Oatmeal Protein, Coconut Oil, Yarrow & Comfrey Extracts, *Chamomile Extract, *Hops Extract, *Fennel Oil, *Lavender Oil, Almond Oil, *Grapefruit Extract, Vitamins A, C, & E, Olive Leaf, Salt, Blueberry Extracts, Canadian Wildcrafted Red Clover.
*Certified Organic Ingredients

(1) Wet your puppy well.
(2) Dilute 1 part shampoo to 2 parts water as desired and apply enough shampoo to create a gentle lather.
(3) Massage shampoo deeply into the fur.
(4) Rinse thoroughly.
(5) Send your puppy off on his or her merry way, looking, feeling and smelling clean and fresh, like a puppy should!

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Opie & Dixie Organic Puppy Shampoo 8oz - Kohepets

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Opie & Dixie Organic Puppy Shampoo 8oz

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