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20% OFF: Nekko Tuna Mousse Kitten Pouch Cat Food 70g

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Special Promotion: Get 20% OFF Nekko Pouch Cat Food 70g ($14.40 for 12 pouches)! 

1 box: 12 x 70g

Specially crafted for kittens through a meticulous production process

Delicate, smooth and soft texture to aid consumption

Suitable for the sensitive digestive systems of kittens:

Made without artificial flesh and preservatives

Contains vitamins and minerals for essential for your kitten's development
Nekko Pouch Cat Food for kittens is specially crafted through a meticulous production process. The quality of ingredients are not compromised while designed for the smooth texture that is highly digestible.

Your kittens are sure to be drawn to the savoury aroma of a freshly opened pouch that's made from all 100% real tuna. No reformed meat, and made without any artificial flesh and preservatives.

It contains various supplements such as Taurine, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Prebiotics that are essential to boosting your kittens' healths and immune systems while growing up.

Feel safe to indulge your kittens with a pouch of tuna mousse that is packed with goodness, a meal they would surely love!

Tuna, scallops, shrimp, jelly powder, flavoring agents, free biofeed, oligosaccharides, fish oil, vitamin E, taurine

Nutritional Analysis
Protein (Min) 8%
Fat (Min) 0.3%
Fiber (Max) 1%
Moisture(Max) 90%

Country Of Origin
Made in Thailand

Weight Of Packaging

Suitable For
Recommended for kittens of ages between 1-12 months, or cats with sensitive digestive systems

Feeding Instructions
Can be fed as a complete meal

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20% OFF: Nekko Tuna Mousse Kitten Pouch Cat Food 70g - Kohepets

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20% OFF: Nekko Tuna Mousse Kitten Pouch Cat Food 70g

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