Moderna Pet Menu, 2 Eco Bowls, Cat & Dog Bowls


If you want only the best for your pets when it comes to the bowls they eat and drink out of, the Moderna Pet Menu, which comes with 2 eco bowls for cats and dogs, is definitely worth taking a look at; it is a great investment for pet owners who want clean food and water for their pets.

- With non slip feet
- Easy to clean
- Ergonomic design
- Keeps the floor clean
- Size: Width 56cm, Length 39cm
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Each of the eco bowls that are included in the Moderna Pet Menu are perfectly designed for both cats and dogs, so you can get good use out of them whether you have one or the other or even both. These eco bowls come in different sizes, so you can select ones that will meet the needs of your cat and/or dog. Your dog will have an easy time eating out of these bowls and they always ensure that the food and drinking water inside them is completely clean.

Part of ensuring that your pets stay healthy is providing them with clean and eco-friendly bowls to eat and drink out of. The Moderna Eco Bowls have a truly innovative design that is like no other bowls on the market right now. If you truly value your pet and want it to be able to eat and drink easily, these bowls offer a great overall solution.

Size: Width 56cm, Length 39cm

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