Millpledge Chewy No No! Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages


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Flavoured with a bad-tasting, non-toxic bitterant to deter chewing

Sticks only to itself, not to skin, fur, or hair!

Stretchable up to 50%

Provides protection & support

Print designs will be selected at random
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Millpledge Chewy No No! Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages are (when applied correctly) designed to:

  • Prevent pets from biting, chewing or licking bandaged areas and speeding up recovery
  • Provide excellent elastic return pressure with lower risk of compromising circulation.
  • Be sterilisable, making them ideal for orthopaedic procedures.
  • Provide measured compression to limbs and joints whilst maintaining non-slip support.
  • Protect and support tendons & ligaments.

    Chewy No No!
    Millpledge Chewy No No! Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages have a bad-tasting bitterant imbued into the bandages. They prevent your pet from biting, chewing and licking where they shouldn't be. Most importantly, it is perfectly safe and non-toxic!

    Easy To Use
    Millpledge Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages are a breeze to use; they're easy to tear and stick only to themselves, so you won't have to fumble around or worry about it sticking to skin, fur, hair or even feathers. They even have a starter tab, making it easy to locate the start of the roll.

    Stretchable Up To 50%
    Millpledge Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages are easily stretchable up to 5 metres (that's 50% more!), giving you more bandage for your money.

    Millpledge Chewy No No! Wrapz Cohesive Pet Bandages come in four print designs: Crocodile, Shark, Polar Bear and T-Rex.

    Product Dimensions
    W 5cm x L 500cm (stretched)

    Product Material
    Constructed from a laminated material consists of non-woven, creped porous latex base adhesive, embedded with elastic nylon threads.

    Suitable For
    All cats, dogs, and small animals.
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