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Marukan Scratcher Room For Cats


Item discontinued until further notice

Scratcher with napping spot

Allows cat to scratch or nap in private

Does not scatter dusts or debris

Scratchers can be used on both sides

Scratchers can be refilled when worn out

Comes with catnip for extra fun
Marukan Scratcher Room provides a resting spot with scratcher for your cat.

This two-in-one scratcher requires no assembly at all.

Simply put up the tent, place the scratchers inside and present it to your cat.

Your cat can fulfil his scratching needs while having a place to nap with privacy.

The design of the scratchers does not scatter dusts or debris as well!

The scratchers can be used on both side and you can also refill the scratchers when it is worn out.

The Scratcher Room also comes with a sachet of catnip for added fun during scratching times.

The vivid pink-yellow colour combination is sure to brighten your cat's day!

Product Dimensions: W270 × D450 × H380 mm

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Marukan Scratcher Room For Cats - Kohepets

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Marukan Scratcher Room For Cats

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