Marukan Instant Cool Down Spray For Pets 170ml

By Marukan


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  • For both cats and dogs
  • Countermeasure against the hot weather
  • Prevents unpleasant pests
  • Reduces odor and maintain a refreshing scent
  • Contains hyaluronic acid for moisturizing the coat
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Marukan Instant Cool Down Spray For Pets 170ml - Kohepets

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Marukan Instant Cool Down Spray can be used for both cats and dogs as a countermeasure for your pets against hot weather during or before walks.

Not only does it cool down our pet's body temperature by thermal effect of vaporisation, it helps to repel unpleasant pests and act as a insect repellent. It contains neroli essential oil with a light fragrance that aids in repelling pests.

The Marukan Instant Cool Down Spray also contain deodorant ingredients such as green tea that reduces body odor and maintaining a refreshing scent. It does not dry out your pet's coat/skin as it contains hyaluronic acid that provides moisture to the coat.

Directions For Use
Shake the can well before usage. It is recommended to spray at a distance of 30cm away from your pets.

Product Dimensions

Please Note
  • It is a flammable product using high temperature gas, please observe the following cautions because it is dangerous.
  • Do not use near flame or fire.
  • Do not put it in direct sunlight or where the temperature becomes 40 degrees or more because there is a danger of explosion if it is heated to high temperature. Do not leave it in the car.
  • Please try in advance in an inconspicuous part, please confirm that no abnormality occurs.
  • Do not spray on the eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc and do not drink.
  • This product is a cooling spray of dog body and supplies. Please do not use for other purposes.
  • Never bring anything that is dangerous to fire or flame close to being in use or immediately after use.
  • When there is a disease or injury in a young dog or skin coat less than 3 months, please do not use it when abnormality appears. .
  • If it gets in your eyes, rinse with water immediately. If there is abnormality, please consult a doctor.
  • Please keep it away from children.
  • When you finish using the can, remove the gas outdoors without fire.
  • Remove the spray button and place the cap on newspaper etc.
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