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Marukan Fruit Sherbet Dog Treat 20pcs


Item discontinued until further notice

Mixtures of strawberry,banana, melon yogurt flavour. Crunchy and frozen, can be given right away. Delicious treat blended soy peptides.
Ingredients: Polysaccharide thickener, potassium chloride), sour (nonfat dry milk), fruits (sugar mixed high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, oligosaccharides), milk acids (apple juice), beans (soy peptide), thickening stabiliser sugars (blue 1, red 102, yellow 5), flavours, colouring

Analysis: Energy about 61kcaL, 82.0% moisture or less, 0.6% crude ash, less than 0.1% crude fiber, more than 0.1% crude fat, more than 0.1% crude protein.

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Marukan Fruit Sherbet Dog Treat 20pcs - Kohepets

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Marukan Fruit Sherbet Dog Treat 20pcs

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