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Marukan Daily 14 Senior Maintenance for Rabbit 650g


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Superbly nutritious with blends of vegetables of 14 different types. Senior nutrition from 4 years and above. Well balanced nutritional food ideal for senior rabbits, chinchilla and guinea pigs.
Ingredients: Grass (timothy, alfalfa), Soko acids (gluten feed, wheat bran), corn, beet pulp, defatted soybean, wheat flour, cellulose, apple cake and animal oils and fats, yeast, sunflower oil, germinated brown rice, barley grass, kale, broccoli, leaf, Jew, mugwort, tomato, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, pumpkin bok-choy, parsley, carrot, celery, bitter gourd, spinach, mulberry

Analysis: 13.0% or more crude protein, 3.7% crude fat or more, 16.6 percent less crude fiber, 7.2% less crude ash, 10.0% moisture or less, energy 305 kcal

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Marukan Daily 14 Senior Maintenance for Rabbit 650g - Kohepets

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Marukan Daily 14 Senior Maintenance for Rabbit 650g

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