Marukan Cat Scratcher


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Special reinforced cardboard for scratching and nail polishing

Fully reversible and economical

Shavings will fall onto the sides of the box

Reduced scattering Comes with catnip

Provides fun for cat and satisfy natural scratching needs
Marukan Cat Scratcher - Kohepets

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Marukan Cat Scratcher

The Marukan Cat Scratcher is a special reinforced cardboard scratcher for cats.

Fully reversible, both sides of the board can be used for scratching and nail polishing.

Nail shavings will fall onto the sides of the box, reducing the scattering of dust and shavings everywhere.

The Marukan Cat Scratcher comes with catnip for extra fun and prolonged playtime.

Product Dimensions: W110 × D40 × H455 mm

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