Living World Volare Wire Bird Cage


Measures 43.5 x 50 x 56 cm

Cage for small birds

Patented overlapping base design with removable tray

Easy and mess-free cleaning

Multiple feeding doors

Easy to assemble and no tools required
Living World Volare Wire Bird Cage will provide your pet bird with a warm and cozy place to call home.

Designed to be a great living space for finches, budgies and canaries, it can also be used as a sleeping cage for cockatiels, lovebirds and parrotlets.

The habitat includes a removable tray that fits into a patented overlapping base design; ensuring an easy and mess-free cleaning.

There are multiple feeding doors for easy access to your bird's food and water.

It assembles in minutes and no tools are required.

The Living World Volare Wire Bird Cage comes with two wooden perches, two plastic cups and one swing.

Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 50 x 56 cm

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