Lion Waterless Healing Green Aroma Foam Dog Shampoo 200ml

By Lion


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The Lion Waterless Healing Green Aroma Foam Dog Shampoo allows pet owners to clean their dogs without any usage of water. Some dogs may hate to bathe, but they may love how easy the Lion Waterless Healing Green Aroma Foam Dog Shampoo works and let you clean them without any struggles.

Not only does it sterilises and provide deodorizing, it also contains amino acids that moisturizes and soften the fur. As it is formulated with 100% botanical ingredients, it is safe even when your dog accidentally licks it.

Directions For Use
Simply apply the foam on a towel or at the cat's body and gently wipe away with a clean towel. It cleans off any dirt and odour with the disinfecting ingredients (grapefruit seed extract) and deodorant ingredients (sugar cane extract).

All Ingredients

Purified water, ethanol, washing liquid (food additives), detergents (food additives), hair protectants, glycine, sterilization solution (grapefruit seed extract), deodorant Extract), citric acid, spices

Made in Japan

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