Kong Rambler Interactive Dog Toy (Large)



    • Two toys in one create challenging puzzle
    • Tennis ball and squeaker entice play
    • Ideal for interactive games
    • Available in Small and Large
    • As featured on Flapper Choo The Dog's blog
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Kong Rambler Interactive Dog Toy (Large) - Kohepets

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KONG Rambler delivers an exciting new puzzle game challenge that combines two toys into one for irresistible fun.

The unpredictable movement and big squeak of the outer ball shell entices dogs while the entertaining tennis ball track creates an action packed and interactive play session.

Video credits to www.flapperthedog.com

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Customer Reviews

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Flapper Choo
It's About Workin' Those Brains

"I took out the brand new KONG Rambler, wanting to test out how long it takes for Flapper to figure it out but....It Took. JUST. 17.7 Seconds.

Anywoof, I was seriously pissed off after Flapper's 17.6 seconds clearance of getting two balls out, I declared most grudgingly, "Waste of money."

I wondered, "Is this toy meant to exercise the dog's brains or the humans' brains? The fact that we are standing here studying the toy and thinking of ways to outsmart Flapper.... "

In my one last ditch attempt of consoling herself for squandering the budget on the KONG Rambler, I said, "Let's await the return of my 'prodigal son'. I am sure he will make this toy very worthwhile."

As I predicted, Pinky ended up on a rambling trip to and from Timbuktu and even got lost in transition more often than he should.

So in conclusion, Flapper makes the toy look so easy that it's actually boring. Frodo, on the other hand.... can sell the toy. He makes it look fun."


Other Customers Also Purchase

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