Kit Cat Crystal Clump Pink Vanilla Cat Litter 4L

By Kit Cat


  • Pink Vanilla Instant clumping silica gel cat litter Soft and gentle on paws Super absorbent and maximum odour control Safe and non-toxic Anti-bacterial, anti-static and dust free Innovative colour decoration and scent to the litter box
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Kit Cat Crystal Clump brings colours and scents to your kitty's litter box!

This silica gel cat litter is soft and gentle on the paws.

The instant clumping property is very effective, which has superior absorbency and maximum odour control.

Crystal Clump is suitable for all cats as it is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

This cat litter is also anti-static and dust free, keeping messes within the litter box and your house clean.

No chemicals are added to the cat litter, making it safe and non-toxic.

Pink Vanilla will bring a delightful scent and innovative colour decoration to the litter box.

Your feline will be safe and happy using Kit Cat Crystal Clump Pink Vanilla Cat Litter!

Product Volume: 4L / 1.8kg

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