Jerky Tuna Cube Cat & Dog Treat 60g


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100% Tuna

Good source of Protein and Omega fatty acids

Rich in B-vitamins and minerals

Supports heart health

No artificial colourings or chemical preservatives

Direct from fishing port to packaging

Made in Japan

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Jerky Cat & Dog Treat is an all-natural, 100% seafood-based treat made in Japan.

Containing only one simple ingredient, Tuna in cubes, this treat is delicious and nutritious for your pet.

Tuna provides a good source of protein, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

B-vitamins and minerals such as Potassium and Selenium can also be found on Tuna.

Eating Tuna helps to support and protect heart health in pets.

This treat contains no artificial colourings or chemical preservatives.

The ingredients are sourced directly from fishing ports and they go straight to packaging, it's just so natural and fresh.

Grab this treat for your furry friend today, you do not want to miss this oppor-tuna-ty!

Ingredients: Tuna

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Jerky Tuna Cube Cat & Dog Treat 60g

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Jerky Tuna Cube Cat & Dog Treat 60g

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