Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Super Biolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs


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This item requires refrigeration.


Helps with the maintenance of pet’s dental health.

Contains Australian Zeolite & activated charcoal to remove toxins.

Has dental gel base which aids in bolstering and protecting gums.

Comes with finger brush, cup & spoon.

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Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Super Biolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs is a complete dental kit that will help with the maintenance of your pet’s dental health.

To ensure that your pet’s dental health is optimal, Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs is complete with:
  • Superbiolite Powder - Contains lactobacillus plantarum which boosts immune system, promoting the healing of diseased & inflamed gums, as well as enterococcus faecium (fecal microbiota) which helps to improve oral health.

    It includes a highly refined toxin absorber, Australian Zeolite, which aids in diminishing oral & gut nitrogenous toxins when taken orally. An inert substance, zeolite absorbs toxins & exerts a calmative effect in the gastrointestinal tract. It will also firm the feces without affecting water absorption. 
  • Activated Charcoal - When consumed, it will bind to toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the body. It can absorb up to 50-60% of unwanted substances in the stomach and intestines when ingested.

    The same properties are beneficial for oral health as well. It binds to bacteria and other harmful substances and removes them from the mouth. It also binds to substances that stain the teeth and can whiten the teeth in a few uses.
  • Dental Gel Base - This facilitates the ease of application of the powder. It is a vegetarian cellulose that is non-toxic and water soluble. It also aids in the expansion of the L-plantarum, which help bolster, defend and protect the gums.
Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs is rich in Biological Response Modifiers (BCM) which support the immune response to dental & oral issues.

‘Leaky Gut’ syndrome & microbiota deficiency in the GI tract can also be prevented with the regular intake of Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite Dog Pack for Cats & Dogs.

40% pure culture of Enterococcus Faecium and L.Plantarum (Total Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)) count for this product is 2.2x10^10 cells of LAB of bacteria culture composition

Carbohydrate 80% (glucose & sucrose)
Fat <1%
Fibre <1%
60% inert pure micro fine Zeolite

Suitable For
Cats & dogs of all ages.

Directions for Use
1. Measure ½ scoop of Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite to 1cm of gel.
2. Mix thoroughly in the mixing cup provided.
3. Apply directly onto your dog’s teeth without brushing.
4. Do not rinse off the Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite.
5. Balance of Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite can be added to food.

*The dental pack is completed with dental tools - finger brush, cup & spoon.

Please Note
This item needs refrigeration. The bacterium in this product are extremely viable and must be kept dry and in a cool place.

Country Of Origin
Made in Singapore.

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Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Super Biolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs

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Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Super Biolite Dental Pack for Cats & Dogs

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