Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Collorx Collagen Eye Drops 10ml


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Contains collagen from the skin of aquatic animals.

Stimulates regeneration process.

Anti-aging properties.

Hydrates & smoothens the epithelial structures.

Contains antioxidant & antimicrobial properties.

Accelerates wound healing & minimises scarring.

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Collagen from aquatic sources is significantly less cross-linked than the more commonly used bovine or porcine skin collagen and thus it’s solubility is much higher than the others. This makes aquatic collagen much more soluble allowing it to penetrate the epithelial structures more easily. The aquatic collagen in ColloRx® eye drops is derived from an extremely delicate sterile process. ColloRx® stimulates the regeneration process, by attracting and aiding new cells to the wound site. ColloRx® has anti-aging properties and has an extraordinary ability to bind water hence influencing the proper hydration and smoothening of the epithelial structures. ColloRx® also delivers antioxidant, antimicrobial properties and accelerates wound healing, minimising scarring.

Aquatic collagen 20% & Sterile Diluent 80%.

Direction For Use
Wash hands before use. Shake well before application (slight flocculation may occur if left standing for too long). Avoid contact of dropper tip with any surface or eye. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Discard any unused portions after 4 weeks upon opening.

Collagen eye drops: Apply one (1) drop into affected eye 3-4 times a day.

Please discard if any discolouration or large amounts of flocculants occur within the solution.

Side Effects

A slight stinging sensation may be experienced by a few patients on initial instillation of the eye drops. This sensation is only transient. If excessive irritation such as excessive tearing, blepharitis or redness is noticed, stop the use immediately and consult your healthcare professional.

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