Immuno-Petz Korostrum Bovine Colostrum Pet Supplements 60 Tabs


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Made with 100% Bovine Colostrum

Builds defence against external bacteria/viruses, inflammation & infection

Helps reduce allergy reactions and/or symptoms

60 Chewable Tablets

Suitable for non lactose-intolerant cats and dogs

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Immuno-Petz Korostrum Pet Supplements is made with premium quality 100% Bovine Colostrum.

Immuno-Petz Korostrum helps Kittens and Puppies by boosting their immunity, which is vital for fighting against bacteria & viruses. Colostrum also helps aid their development, growth & optimum health.

Immuno-Petz Korostrum helps Adult Cats/Dogs by:

  • Fighting bacteria/viruses which may lead to inflammation/infection
  • Reducing allergy reactions/symptoms
  • Maintaining good vision/active brain
  • Improving autoimmune conditions
  • Stimulating recovery & wound healing
  • Enhancing Vitality & Quality of Life

    Immuno-Petz Korostrum provides high antibody levels for immune support and contains abundance of nutrients such as amino acids, growth and immune factors, immunoglobulins, proline-rich polypeticides, lactoferrin, glyconutrients, enzymes and proteins that promote growth and health as well as aid in cell renewal.

    Made within a AVA-licensed facility in Singapore with all natural pharmaceutical-grade ingredients suitable for human consumption.

    Immuno-Petz Korostrum does not contain artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

    Bovine Colostrum Extract Powder 500 mg
    Other Ingredients: Sucrose, Dextrose, Natural Vanilla Flavour

    Country Of Origin
    Made in Singapore (AVA licensed facility) under strict GMP guidelines

    Feeding Guidelines
    If your pet weighs:
    Below 5 kg (Kittens/Puppies) - ½ tablet

    For Adult Cats/Dogs:
    Below 10 kg - 1 tablet before meals
    Below 30 kg - 2 tablets before meals
    30 kg & above - 3 tablets before meals
    Best taken on an empty stomach; 20 - 30 mins before each meal.

    Weight Of Packaging
    60 tablets

    Suitable For
    Cats and dogs of all ages (unless lactose intolerant)