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Himalayan Dog Chew Jughead The Original Cheese Dog Treat

By Himalayan Dog Chew


  • Tough & durable cheese chew.
  • Rating of 8/10 on the Chewmeter.
  • Made with 100% natural cheese.
  • Lactose, soy, corn, gluten and grain free.
  • A digestible & natural alternative for rawhide.
  • Leftovers can be microwaved — No more wasted ends!
  • Recommended for use with the Himalayan Dog Toy Jughead Chew Guardian Dog Toy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients in this dog food/treat?

The main ingredient in this cheese dog treat is skimmed milk, citrus juice, salt, and enzymes.

How is this food/treat beneficial for my dog?

This cheese dog treat is a tough and durable chew that is a natural, digestible alternative to rawhide, providing a satisfying chew time for your dog while keeping them occupied and entertained for hours.

What is the protein content in this dog food/treat?

The crude protein content is a minimum of 69%.

Is this product grain-free, and if not, what grains are included?

Yes, this product is grain-free. It is free of lactose, soy, corn, gluten, and grains, making it a superb treat choice for dogs with multiple food allergies.

Are there any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in this product?

No, this cheese dog treat is made with 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, or binding agents.

Is this food suitable for all breed sizes or different ages?

Yes, this product is suitable for all dogs aged over 12 weeks old, including dogs weighing less than 15.9kg (classic) and dogs weighing more than 15.9kg (super).