Haobay Olive Skyscraper Condo Cat Post


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Measures L40 x W40 x H114cm

One cat tower and three resting platforms

Good for cats that love to prance up and down

Flakeboard with flannel fabric

Natural sisal rope scratch poles with dangling toys

Environmental friendly

Formaldehyde-free and ISO certified

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Haobay Olive Skyscraper Condo is a great cat post for cats that love to prance and bird-watching.

This special cat post is made to measure 114cm by height, making it one of the two tallest cat posts offered by Haobay.

This cat post has one cozy cat tower for your cat to hide away and nap.

It also has 3 multi-levelled resting platforms for your cat to prance up and down, picking his/her favourite deck to rest on and chill.

Also included in the Olive Skyscraper Condo there are several natural sisal rope scratch poles and 2 dangling rope and toy.

Made with flakeboard and adorned with flannel fabric in a olive-green hue, this cat post is soft to the touch with a warm woven feeling and is luxuriously pleasing to the eye.

It is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and tools provided.

Also, it is formaldehyde-free, ISO certified and made entirely with environmentally friendly materials.

Haobay combines resting and exercising with eco-friendliness into this amazing cat post, the Olive Skyscraper Condo, for your feline!

Product Dimensions: L40 x W40 x H114cm

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Haobay Olive Skyscraper Condo Cat Post

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Haobay Olive Skyscraper Condo Cat Post

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