Catit Pet Cargo Cabrio Carrier for Cats & Dogs


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Do you frequently travel with your pet or just need a carrier to put your pet in when you go to the vet? The Catit Pet Cardo Cabrio Carrier is well-suited for both cats and dogs, offering a safe and secure way to take your pet wherever you go without having to worry about their safety.

- Measures 51.5 x 33 x 25cm
- Colors: Red, Grey, Pink, White/Orange, Cherry Red, Turquoise, Blue Grey. 
- Multi-Functional Carrier System for cats and toy breed dogs combines superior safety features with ease of use for five-star pet accomodations on the go.
- Ideal for those necessary vet visits when your pet is highly stressed
- Suited for cats and dogs

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The Cabrio Carrier is multi-functional, so it can be used for many different breeds of both cats and dogs, and it is in full compliance with airline regulations. This carrier is well suited for pets up to 25 pounds and 14 inches in height. The dimensions of this carrier are 20” x 13” x 13.75”, offering your pet lots of room when you are traveling with them. If you need to take your pet somewhere, you might as well have a carrier that is spacious and comfortable for them.

If you need an easy-to-carry, spacious, durable pet carrier, the Catit Pet Cargo Cabrio Carrier is certainly worth considering; it is everything you will when traveling with your pet anywhere. The carrier you purchase for your pet is important, and this one will let them know you really care about how comfortable they are when they have to leave the house with you.

Meeting airline regulations, the Catit® Design Cabrio is the perfect choice for your air travel needs. Ideal for those necessary vet visits when your pet is highly stressed, the Catit® Design Cabrio has innovative features including its Opening Top Hatch which allows you to place and remove your pet from the carrier with ease.

For added security, the Catit® Design Cabrio can be secured in your vehicle with a conventional seatbelt. Meeting airline regulations, your pet can go where you go. Suitable for pets up to 11.3 kg (25 lb) in weight and 35 cm H (13.75”) in height, the Catit® Design Cabrio comes with a five-year limited warranty.