Habitrail Ovo Studio - Limited Edition


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Cage with opaque white bottom and orange retractable roof. Orange wheel assembly set

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Orange support station base -Bowl and Stairs
- Mini Maze including a chewable cardboard
- Turquoise water bottle
- 2 x "Tee"s, 3 x Elbows, 4 x Cubes, 4 x Curves, 1 x U-Turn
- 6 x Windows, 15 x Lock Connectors
- Instruction sheet and OVO Brochure

- Fits Vision models 100/110/210, S01/S02/M01/M02/L01/L02
- Contains splashing/protects bird from drafts
- Also suitable for most standard wire cages

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Habitrail Ovo Studio - Limited Edition

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Habitrail Ovo Studio - Limited Edition

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