GEX Pure Crystal Ion Water-Softening Filter For Cat (900ml) 2ct


Soften tap water and reduce risk of urinary disease

- Activated carbon to remove chlorine and odour in water
- Ion Exchange Resin to remove magnesium and calcium in water

For use with GEX Pure Crystal Cage Drinking Fountain For Kittens (900ml-950ml)

2 pieces per pack
GEX Pure Crystal Ion Filter contains compartments with activated carbon & Ion Exchange Resins.

Activated Carbon removes chlorine and colour while Ion Exchange Resin works to remove Magnesium & Calcium.

This will soften the water from the tap, reducing the risk of urinary disease, maintaining healthy lower urinary tract.

The filter provides clean & gentle (soft) water to your pet all the time.

It is recommended to change the filter at least once a month.

The Pure Crystal Ion Filter Media is exclusively designed for use with GEX Pure Crystal Cage Drinking Fountain For Kittens (900ml-950ml)

Made from polypropylene, active carbon, ion-exchange resin, polyethylene.

Comes with 2 pieces per pack.

Wash the filter in a running water without using soap.
After water circulation starts, magnesium and calcium is removed in approximately 60 minutes.
When dirts, such as food debris, hair, etc are visible at approximately one month, please change the filter for exchange.
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature.

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