GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Fountain For Cats


Maintain clean water by removing food waste, fur, dust and odour

Tasty water ensured by enriching water with oxygen to make it fresh and clean

Special funnel designed specifically to cater to cat's drinking pattern

Safe, quiet and low cost
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Having trouble getting your cat to drink well? GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Fountain helps you to eradicate these problems!

Drinking fountains can really help increase your cat's water intake and ensure they are sufficiently hydrated 24/7. This can help prevent UTIs and kidney problems.

The GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Fountain ensures your cat will always have a constant supply of fresh, clean water! Perfect for indoor use.

Suitable for all ages, the fountain's top drinking mouth funnel is specially designed to make drinking easier for your cat.

The GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Fountain is designed to remove pollutants such as food waste, fur, dust and odour from the water, and enrich it with oxygen.

Using a water pump to circulate the water through a unique filter that traps dirt/hair/uneaten food & reduce odour & chemicals, your cats will receive clean, fresh & aerated water all the time.

It can be used with the GEX Pure Crystal Filter Cartridge For Cats and GEX Pure Crystal Ion Filter Media For Cats.

Available in two sizes: 1.5L and 2.5L.

Product Dimensions
1.5L - Approx. W 22.5 × D 19.3 × H 13.6 cm
2.5L - Approx. W 26.3 × D 22.2 × H 14.6 cm

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