Flexi LED Lighting System


Front and red LED rear light which can be switched on and off individually

Front light shines the path for you

Red LED rear light alerts vehicles and cyclists behind you

Easy to attach with the velcro tape system

Compatible with New Classic or Vario leashes (small to large)
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From Flexi comes the solution for late night walks with your pooch.

Flexi LED Lighting System features a front light and a red LED rear light which can be switched on and off separately.

The front light shines a bright torch-like beam on the path ahead of you during the night time.

The red LED rear light helps cars and bicycles approaching from the back to be able to notice you, reducing the risk of accidents.

Flexi Vario LED Lighting System easily attaches to your New Classic or Vario leashes with its Velcro tape system.

* Batteries are included.

Product Compatibility
Flexi LED Lighting System is suitable for:
1. Flexi New Classic Retractable Cord Leash - Small and Medium
2. Flexi New Classic Retractable Tape Leash - Small and Medium/Large
3. Flexi Vario Retractable Cord Leash - Small, Medium and Large
4. Flexi Vario Retractable Tape Leash - Small, Medium and Large

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