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Farnam Easy Brush


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The 1st Chew-It-Yourself Toothbrush for Dogs.

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Easy Brush is designed like a bone, so dogs instinctively hold it between their paws and chew on the end, moving it from one side of their mouth to the other.
- Double-sided toothbrush bristles clean both top and bottom teeth as your dog chews.
- Real bristles deep clean to the gum line, removing plaque and debris, helping to fight tartar build-up and freshening breath.

To use:

1. Apply dog toothpaste to bristles on both sides of one end, pressing the paste deep into the brushes.

NOTE: Use ONLY dog toothpaste. Do NOT use human toothpaste on dogs.

2. Give the Easy Brush to your dog for about two minutes of supervised chewing time at least every other day.

3. Take the toothbrush away after the allotted time, rinse it out or clean it in a dishwasher, and store it in a safe place. Taking the Easy Brush away after a couple of minutes retains the toothbrush's novelty for dogs and ensures that the animals do not over-brush, which can cause irritation.


- Before starting a regular brushing program, have a veterinarian professionally clean your dog's teeth to remove existing tartar and plaque. It helps to start with a clean mouth.
- Most dogs will automatically use the Easy Brush when given to them, but some dogs may need a little training:
o Use Easy Brush to play tug with your dog
o Place peanut butter or your dog's favorite soft food on the bristles
o Use Easy Brush as a reward, praising your dog when he begins to chew


- Do NOT let your dog chew more than 5 minutes per day. Excessive Easy Brush use can irritate your dog's gums, just as excessive tooth brushing can irritate your own gums.
- Watch your dog while he uses Easy Brush. Prolonged, excessive chewing may damage it.
- Immediately remove Easy Brush if damaged. Small parts can cause choking.
- NEVER use human toothpaste with Easy Brush. Human toothpaste contains ingredients that may be harmful to our dog. Dog toothpaste is made to be swallowed with a taste dogs like, so your dog will look forward to using Easy Brush.

Easy Brush is available in both large and small sizes to fit most dogs' mouths.


Dental care devices and treats offer solutions at different levels, But what really prevents gum disease? Below is a sampling of what is available, and how they work:

Easy Brush

Easy Brush has real toothbrush bristles to clean to the gum line, removing plaque and helping prevent tartar build-up. By using real toothbrush bristles, Easy Brush effectively fights against dental disease at home. Dogs brush their own teeth with the Easy Brush, and owners only need to supervise.

Dry Dog Food

Crunchy, dry foods for dogs may clean off plaque from the teeth, but they do not work well around the gum line. Treats such as mints work only against bad breath.

Dental Toys

A wide selection of doggie dental toys are available, from chew bones to elaborately colored devices sporting ridges, knobs and other designs to help clean canine teeth. While toys are fun for playtime, they do not provide serious dental care or deep-cleaning options for pets.

Finger Brushes

A finger brush fits on your fingertip, enabling you to brush your dog's teeth with it. The bristles generally thick plastic nubs on most finger brushes do not clean to the gum line as effectively as real toothbrushes. This method depends heavily on the temperament and cooperation of your dog.


Traditional toothbrushes are effective at cleaning to the gum line. However, as with finger brushes, many dogs resist this method. The experience can become unpleasant for dog and owner and something both would prefer to avoid.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website @: http://www.easybrush.com/

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