Espree Kitten Aloe Wipes 50ct


Formulated with natural and organic aloe vera and baking soda

Gently cleanse the skin and coat

Leaves a fresh baby powder fragrance

Kitten safe

Hypoallergenic and tear free ingredients used

Suitable for daily grooming use Show More Product Info
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Kittens are full of energy and their curiosity always takes them on discovery and adventures and they may end up dirty and smelly.

This is where Espree Kitten Aloe Wipes come into place.

The Kitten Aloe Wipes are formulated with hypoallergenic and tear free ingredients to gently clean their sensitive skin and coat.

Natural and organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera helps to hydrated and soothes their skin and coat while Baking Soda removes dirt, dander and odors.

The wipes also leave them with a fresh baby powder fragrance and a soft and fluffy coat.

Suitable for daily grooming, the Kitten Aloe Wipes are kitten safe.

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