Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Spirugreen Pet Supplement 180 Tablets


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Just two ingredients: Spirulina & Microalgae

Good source of antioxidants

Helps support the immune system

Helps promote a healthy coat and skin

Suitable for cats & dogs

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According to Dr. Mercola, Healthy Pets Spirugreen contains two of nature's most nutrient-dense dietary supplements – the microalgae spirulina and astaxanthin containing microalgae.

Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets SpiruGreen is a unique complex that contains both of these supplements that are great for cats and dogs!

Studies suggest these benefits when animals are directly supplemented with microalgae astaxanthin, one of the world's most powerful fat-soluble antioxidant carotenoids:

  • Supports the health, longevity, and immune system in cats and dogs
  • Supports joint and muscle recovery after exercise in racehorses and sled dogs
  • Promotes normal neurological and eye health in dogs and cats
  • Supports normal healthy cardiovascular health
  • Microalgae astaxanthin not only promotes good health but vibrant, natural color

    Spirulina is one of the richest beta-carotene ingredients, with ten mixed carotenoids, phycocyanins and enzymes, including orange carotenes, alpha, beta, gamma, and yellow xanthophylls.

    Studies on both cats and dogs show that spirulina supports good health in several ways:

  • Helps support a strong, healthy normal immune system
  • Helps promote a healthy coat and skin
  • May help promote comfortable movement and flexibility

    Spirulina, Microalgae

    Suitable For
    Cats & Dogs of all life stages

    Feeding Instructions
    Feed once a day.

    Country Of Origin

    Product Weight
    180 Tablets (Each tablet is 500mg)
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