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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade DE Powder 10lb


Item is discontinued till further notice

Meets U.S. Food chemicals codex standards

Free scoop - includes small measuring cup

Natural product - OMRI listed for organic use

No additives - 100% pure freshwater diatomaceous earth

No Contaminants - Professionally Packaged Using Stainless Steel Machinery
Diatomaceous earth (DE) is made of tiny, fossilized diatoms (aquatic organisms) that accumulated over millennia in fresh water lakes. When mined and left untreated, this amazing product can be used in hundreds of different ways.

Diatomaceous earth works great for eliminating ants, aphids, flea beetles, fleas, earwigs, sowbug, mites, etc. Food grade DE is great for internal worming purposes for humans and animals.

One pound of Diatomaceous Earth covers 2000 square feet so you can very economically protect a large area from pests. This is a chemical free pest control that is safe for your family (including pets) and doesn't kill the beneficial bugs. Some more benefits of Diatomaceous Earth include: non-toxic, no odor and stain-free. Also, it is safe if ingested and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is 100% food grade.

DE is also a drying agent, and thus reduces odor and moisture in barns, stalls, litter boxes, etc.

However, not all diatomaceous earth is created equal. While most other manufacturer's hand scoop DE into zip lock bags, Diatomaceous Earth brand DE is professionally packaged using stainless steel equipment. Because of this process, you can be confident there are no contaminants in your food grade diatomaceous earth.

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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade DE Powder 10lb - Kohepets

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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade DE Powder 10lb

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