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An Optic Intensifying Whitening Treatment within a shampoo

Removes yellow stains, Whiten whites, and Brighten all other coat colors.

Contains no bleaching agents or caustic chemicals.

Made in USA

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HOW WHITE ON WHITE WORKS - When dealing with white hair the only way to completely remove discoloration is usually bleach, but since bleach and/or peroxide damages the canines coat permanently (or should we say until it falls out) we do not want to be bleaching. Instead we are going to the other end of the color spectrum and depositing pigment, drabbing yellow. What we are drabbing yellow with is 37 different color pigments and due to White On White's molecular structure being so tinny, we are able to remove discoloration under the cuticle lens and deposit pigment in one application without opening the cuticle lens through bleach, but depositing through the cracks and crevices. Example: The diminutive molecular structure of all of Chris Christensen Systems treatments are like White On White being the golf ball versus a basketball, the molecular structure of Chris Christensen systems treatments are so tiny that they can go under the cuticle lens and clean and deposit pigment without the use of harsh chemicals like bleach and peroxide. The long term effects of using products with bleach or peroxide are detrimental and irreversible and you also do not want to use dyes for they do not go under the cuticle lens, dyes lay on top of the lens therefore dulling the coat in appearance and also rubbing off on Judges hands.

#1 Extraordinary cleansing ability and color deposit system in one application.

#1 Color pigment deposit system. Small molecular weight (tiny particles of color) that penetrates the top layer of the hair which is the cuticle or hair lens surface to the cortex without the use of harsh chemicals.
#2 Neutralizes unwanted stains that cleansing does not remove, or deposits wanted color tones.
#3 Does not stain the outer layer of the hair surface, thus allowing passage of light through the translucent hair surface to amplify gloss and colors.

#1 A semi permanent color that will not rub off on hands or clothing or for that matter a white towel, and last up to 4 weeks.
#2 Acid balanced to close and tighten the hair cuticle lens, amplifying color tones and gloss. White On White can be used on all coat colors and all canine breeds. Will remove discoloration and create an optic intensifies on all other coat colors. If the canines coat is a mixture of 15% to 20% white within the coat use White On White. When ever in doubt of what color treatment to use, use White On White.

NOTE: Always use After Bath following application of Chris Christensen Systems color treatments; White on White, Black on Black, Gold on Gold, specifically Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein for comb and brush ease.

Made in the USA

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website @: http://www.chrissystems.com/