Catit Style Glass Diner - White

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  • When you own a cat, you want to provide them with the best of everything. This includes the dishes that they eat out of. Having unsightly cat food bowls out in your home can be quite uninviting. The Catit style glass diner provides a dinner bowl for your cat that you will not mind leaving out for guests to see. - Contemporary design blends in nicely with home décor - Includes two sculpted glass dishes mounted on an elegant pedestal - Forward-tilting angled dishes and elevated pedestal are ergonomically designed to provide easy access - Ideal for whatever is on the menu: wet food, dry food, or water - Dishwasher safe. - Suited for cats
  • Suited for cats
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Catit Design Glass Diner for Cats, White Base.

Make Every Meal a Fine Dining Experience

With the Catit style glass diner bowls your cat will feel like he is having a fine dining experience every time he visits his cat food bowls. The contemporary design of these fun dinner bowls will fit in nicely with any type of home décor. The dishes are sitting at a forward facing angle on an elevated pedestal. This ergonomic design will provide your cats with easy access to their food.

There are two gorgeously sculpted glass dishes that sit on a pedestal, offering an elegant and unique look. You can keep the bowls anywhere in your home without much thought as they will look like they fit in with your home.

In addition, your cats will enjoy being able to easily reach their food, offering a win/win for everyone in the home.

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