Catit Multi-Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Lavender Scent

By Catit


  • Catit Multi-Cat Cat Litter with odour destroying crystals eliminates odours and is perfect for multi-cat households and controlling odours in small spaces.
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The dual-action of 100% pure sodium bentonite clay and odour trapping crystals work together to dry up moisture and lock in odours on contact.

Catit Multi-Cat Cat Litter with odour destroying crystals is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacterial odours and drastically reduces mess with low tracking and less dust. Suitable for all cats.

- Premium Clumping Cat Litter
- Multiple Cat Formula
- With odour absorbing and destroying crystals
- Optimal absorption due to combination of silica granules and 100% sodium bentonite content
- Made of 100% sodium bentonite: no fillers
- Powerful and durable clumping action: 100% sodium bentonite content produces more solid and durable clumps
- Most advanced odour control: Eliminates bacteria and odours
- Scoopable: Now even easier to scoop due to powerful clumping properties
- Low Track Formula: Coarser granule drastically reduces tracking
- Low dust
- Fresh lavender scent

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