Cat Litter Company Health Indicator 200g


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Detects anomalies in your cat’s urine.

Just add it to your cat’s litter and check the colour!

Alerts you to possible potential health issues.

Includes deodorizer to help eliminate cat litter odour.

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Cat Litter Company Health Indicator are smart silica granules that change in colour when an anomaly in your cat’s urine is detected, alerting you when your cat requires a visit to the vet.

Useful in early detection of any illness, Cat Litter Company Health Indicator is especially helpful as cats are well known to hide their symptoms well when they fall sick.

Cat Litter Company Health Indicator helps all cat owners (especially busy ones) by notifying them of a range of health problems your cat may have including cystitis, bladder stones, urethral plugs and bladder infections.

Easy to use and understand, simply compare the colour of the crystals in the Cat Litter Company Health Indicator to the enclosed chart after your cat has urinated on it to see if your cat has any concerning health issues.

Cat Litter Company Health Indicator is essential for every cat owner that wants their cat to be happy and healthy, alerting you to quickly seek treatment at the first sign of any suspected illness.

Effective with all types of cat litter, Cat Litter Company Health Indicator can be stirred back into the litter box after usage and testing to help eliminate unpleasant odours.

Cat Litter Company Health Indicator should only be used for only one cat at a time; homeowners with multiple cats should isolate each cat and litter box for testing.

For cats that dig before urinating, owners can empty the litter box and only use Cat Litter Company Health Indicator for more effective results.

Suitable For
Cats of all life stages.

Instructions For Use
1. Spread entire contents across the top of the litter once a month after refilling your cat’s litter box.
2. Wait a short while after your cat uses the litter box, then compare the colour of the crystals at the urination spot to the colours on the enclosed chart. A healthy cat’s urine will show light to dark yellow crystals, while any other coloured crystals would suggest an immediate trip to the vet. Abnormally discoloured litter should be removed with a plastic cup or spoon.
3. After completing the test, stir into the regular litter to help eliminate odours.

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