CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplement 60g


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Plant-based dietary supplement.

Aims to support cell division, regeneration & repair.

Enriched with multi-biotics to maintain good gut bacteria.

Improves bowel movement & healthy skin.

Boost overall immunity & strengthen body defenses.

Better performance & vigor.

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CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplement is a natural plant-based dietary supplement formulated to boost immunity of dogs from all life stages!

Made to contain the derivative of yeast’s cell wall and the content, CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplement aims to support cell division, regeneration & repair.

CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplements are also enriched with multi-biotics; a high concentration, multi-strain probiotic to help maintain healthy levels of good gut bacteria.

Other than improving digestion, CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplement can help improve stool consistency while also improving your dog’s bowel movement and skin condition.

CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplements allow for better performance and vigor, so that your dog’s can be filled with energy and remain active!

Feeding CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplements can benefit your dog’s as they help boost their overall immunity as well as strengthen their body defenses to fight diseases & viruses.

CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplements are formulated with high palatability; it is able to act as an appetite stimulant to increase feed — they are packed in easy-to-use daily sachets!

Yeast Hydrolysate, S. Cerevisiae.

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages & breeds.

Feeding Instructions
Sprinkle CAHO Nucleotide Canine Supplement over your dog’s meal. 

Dogs below 20 kg

1 sachet

Dogs above 20 kg

2 sachet

Country of Origin
Made in Finland.

Product Weight
60g (2g x 30 packs).


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