Bunny Nature Pro-Fit Balance Granivores Supplementary Hamster Food 150g


Strengthens immune and digestive system.

Recommended for small pets that are stressed or unwell.

Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.
Bunny Nature Pro-FIT Balance are protein pellets that helps to strengthen the immune system and elevate the overall quality of life of your animal.

It can help in stressful situations such as a new environment or unfamiliar cage-mates by supporting your pet’s nutritional body and health and restoring their natural balance.

Bunny Nature Pro-FIT Balance can also be used to prevent illness, to build your pet’s strength after illness or when your pet is unwell.

Its ingredients help to support your pet where it needs it most; inulin regulates the blood sugar level and works with camomile to have a calming effect on the digestion.

The precise vitamin content strengthens the immune system, whilst brewer‘s yeast and brewer’s grain promote healthy skin, fur and claws.

  • Blood sugar Balance - Inulin regulates the blood sugar level
  • Hair Balance - Brewer's yeast & brewer's grain promote healthy skin, fur & claws
  • Intestine Balance - Inulin & camomile have a positive and soothing effect
  • Vitamin Balance - The balanced vitamin content strengthens the immune system

    Oats, barley, wheat bran, sunflower seed extracted, wheat, corn, lucerne, calcium carbonate, brewer's grain*, linseed, carrot pomace, brewer's yeast*, chicory powder (1,2% inulin), camomile blossoms (1%), carob (*total 4%)
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