Bronco Peanut Butter Strong Teeth Dog Treat 250g

By Bronco



  • Made with 100% Natural Peanuts (NON-GMO) with added vitamins & minerals
  • No Added Sugar, Xylitol-Free
  • No Added Palm Oil
  • No Artificial Preservatives and Colours
  • Salt-Free, Wheat-Free
  • Made in UK
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Bronco's favourite dog treat is peanut butter, a healthy favourite family recipe made with 100% natural roasted peanuts. Free from xylitol (a common sweetener that is poisonous to dogs), palm oil, preservatives, and colourings, this treat is lovingly crafted to ensure every canine buddy will be asking for more.

All Ingredients

Roasted Peanuts 100%, Vitamins & Minerals
Nutritional Additives (per kg): Calcium 25.8g, Multivitamin Blend 5g, Choline 100mg, Zince 60mg, Iron 30mg, Manganese 29mg, Selenium 50mg
Elevate your pet's taste buds by savoring into the goodness with the following:

  • Top it onto your dog's kibbles to have a symphony of flavours and textures (soft and crunchy all at once)

  • Spread it onto your furkid's favourite dog chew toy to enhance their play time

  • Dip it with any treats

  • Mix it together with tablets to have a smooth and fuss-less tablet feeding experience

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