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Removable pet bow.

Strong nylon interlace for added strength.

Fully adjustable length that grows with your pet.

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Bowtix is a handmade collection that is painstakingly sewn with cotton fabric lined with soft nylon interlace, making it more pliable to suit smaller pets. They are one-of-a-kind and often discontinued when fabric are used up.

As Bowtix are all handmade, it is all an exclusive collection made with strong nylon interlace and "box-stitching" at the ends, making it very hardy to suit dogs and pets that tugs. Prints are specially designed by Bowtix and are manufactured in very limited quantity only.

Product Dimensions
S-size collar with S-Bow:
1cm (width) x 20cm - 35cm (adjustable length)

M-size collar with L-Bow:
1.5cm (width) x 25cm - 40cm (adjustable length)

L-size collar with L-Bow:
2.5cm (width) x 30cm - 50cm (adjustable length)

Buckle Type
S-size with Safety Breakaway Buckle:
Suitable for cat collars (or secondary collar for small dogs) as the buckle will break open without human's aid.

M-size & L-size with NON-Breakaway Buckle:
Suitable for medium to large dog collars to be used with leash.

Product Material
Exclusive Bowtix designed and manufactured. Strong nylon collar with matching fabric bowtie. "Box-stitched" at both ends and made hardy for pets that tugs.

Care Instructions
To extend the life span of your pet's favorite collar, please hand wash with mild detergent and hang dry.

Please note that some collars may be more rigid than others due to different fabric thickness. All collars will soften gradually with wear and wash. If you prefer your pet collars softer, try socking in warm water for a day or two.

Please Note
Please make it a good practise to not leave your pets unattended with any form of collars on.

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Bowtix Handmade Dog Collar With Removable Bowtie - Cosmic Spaceship

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Bowtix Handmade Dog Collar With Removable Bowtie - Cosmic Spaceship

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