Bow Wow Zenith Lamb & Rice Formula Moist Soft Dry Dog Food 1.2kg


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Item discontinued until further notice - High quality raw material and smooth moist texture is proud of freshness highly taste and high digestive power(individual know-how)

- Addition to stability natural anti biotic agent(MCT) in order to promote metabolic activity and help immunity power.

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- Yucca extract is decrease of the smell and volume of feces

- Remove the allergen for example soy bean, corn and wheat flour.

- Chondroitin and glucosamine help maintain joint cartilage and power of immunity.

- We have manufacturing under ISO system and AAFCO nutrition standard.

-Lamb(fresh), Chicken powder. Fish powder. Yucca
extract. Coconut powder. Chondroitin. Vitamin. Amino acid complex

Zenith all life stages feeding guidelines
Weight / Pupies / Adults / Senior
Under4.5kg(under 10Lb) / 100~240 / 90~140 / 50~80
4.5~9kg(10~20Lb) / 240~320 / 140~250 / 100~160
9~13.5kg(20~30Lb) / 320~480 / 250~330 / 100~190
13.5~27kg(30~60Lb) / 480~660 / 330~380 / 120~200
27~36kg(60~80Lb) / 660~750 / 380~460 / 200~300

-  Feeding instruction
- Zenith is soft moisture food, therefore don't use the water for feeding.
- Offer 10~20% more during pregnancy at since 6 week later.
- Offer at least 2~3 times the normal amount during lactation of food.
- Adjust feed your dog according to the level of activity (offer 40%more at medium the level of activity)

Zenith is all life stage food

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein(minimum) 25.0%
Crude Fat(minimum) 9.0%
Ca(minimum) 1.0%
P(maximum) 3.0%
Crude Fiber(maximum) 5.0%
Crude Ash(maximum) 12.0%

Made in Korea

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website @:

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Bow Wow Zenith Lamb & Rice Formula Moist Soft Dry Dog Food 1.2kg

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Bow Wow Zenith Lamb & Rice Formula Moist Soft Dry Dog Food 1.2kg

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