Bayer Advocate Spot On For Dogs Up To 4 Kg 3ct


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For Dogs 7 Weeks & Older, Over 1 Kg & Up To 4 Kg

For Use With Flea, Larva, Hookworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, Heartworm, Ear Mite & More

Waterproof: Remains Effective Even If The Animal Becomes Wet

Covers The Broadest Spectrum Of Internal & External Parasites Available

Continuous & Long-Lasting Protection Against Internal Parasites

Two Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid & Moxidectin

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Advocate® is a so-called endectocide, a single product effective against both, ecto- and endoparasites, like fleas, lice, mites and different types of worms. It offers the broadest antiparasitic spectrum available in a single product for dogs, cats and ferrets, giving them the protection they deserve.

It is approved for different indications in cats, dogs and ferrets. Advocate® is applied once a month on the skin on the back of the animal (“spot-on”) in one or several spots, depending on the animal’s body weight. The active ingredient against fleas and lice, imidacloprid, then distributes on the entire skin while the active against worms and mites, moxidectin, penetrates the skin and enters the blood stream.

Thus, advocate® provides convenient, continuous and broad protection against numerous parasites threatening wellbeing, health and, in some cases, even the life of pets.

  • Convenient
    Monthly spot-on application for easy use
    Waterproof: remains effective even if the animal becomes wet

  • Effective
    The efficacy of advocate® in prevention and treatment has been proven in numerous studies

  • Comprehensive
    Among all products indicated for dogs and cats, advocate® covers the broadest spectrum of internal and external parasites available

  • Continuous
    Monthly application of advocate® is building up a plateau of antiparasitic moxidectin for continuous and long-lasting protection against internal parasites.

  • Gentle
    Advocate® is well tolerated in Puppies of 7 weeks and older and Kittens of 9 weeks and older. Tolerated up to 5 times the recommended tube size with no serious safety concerns when applied every 2 weeks for 6 treatments.

    How It Works
    Advocate® combines the power of the two active ingredients imidacloprid and moxidectin, both well established antiparasiticides with proven efficacy.
    1. Moxidectin penetrates through the skin, enters the bloodstream, and distributes in all organs. It acts systemically, targeting endoparasites and mites.
    2. Imidacloprid spreads in the water resistant lipid layer of the skin’s surface and acts topically, targeting ectoparasites.

    Instructions For Use
    Hold the pipette in an upright position, and twist to pull off the cap. Reverse the cap and use it to twist and remove the seal from the pipette.
    For dogs up to 25kg:
    With the dog in a standing position, part the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Wherever possible apply to undamaged skin. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze the pipette firmly several times to empty its content directly to the skin.

    Product SIze
    Pack of 3 x 0.4ml Pipettes

    Imidacloprid 40 Mg
    Moxidectin 10 Mg

    Suitable For
    Dogs 7 weeks and older, up to 4kg

    For full information, visit the manufacturer's website @
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    Bayer Advocate Spot On For Dogs Up To 4 Kg 3ct

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    Bayer Advocate Spot On For Dogs Up To 4 Kg 3ct

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